Single Plate Induction Cooker RHIC202


Product code: RHIC202
  • 2100W
  • Directly heats a cooking vessel, as opposed to using heat transfer from electrical coils or burning gas - no  flames or red-hot electric heating elements (uses a copper coil and magnetic field to heat)
  • Sensor touch control
  • 18 power levels: 100W (60°C) - 2100W (280°C)
  • Black crystal plate surface 
  • 5 cooking menus: Soup, Simmer, Stew, Steam  and Fry
  • With Pause function and 10 hour timer
  • 24 hours preset (delay start) function
  • Can only be used with induction/ ferromagnetic cookware
  • Is an extra cooking plate or food warmer when entertaining
  • Replaces your cheap hotplate with a top quality option
  • Great for holiday makers, campers and dorm rooms
  • Fast, healthy, energy efficient cooking
  • Compatible with inverters
  • Cooking surface range: 26 cm x 26 cm
  • Uses up to 56% LESS ENERGY and is up to 56% FASTER than traditional cooking method
  • The Russell Hobbs Induction Cooker accommodates common pot sizes, up to 26 cm in diameter
  • There are no flames or red-hot electric heating elements as found in traditional cooking equipment
  • The Induction Cooker can be used for cooking or as a food warmer. Ideal for all households and occasions
  • It is compatible with inverters and generators and has a generous 1.2m cord.
  • With boil dry protection as well as high and low voltage protection
  • 185mm coil width  
  • Heat stop function and LED display notification should the pot or pan be removed
  • For domestic use only