Power Gear Super Juicer RHJM05


Product code: RHJM05
  • 400W low noise DC motor; 80 RPM
  • Soft Squeeze, Cold Press Technology
  • Bladeless screw system
  • Extract fruit juice, vegetable juice and nut milk
  • Well-suited to juicing leafy greens, grasses, sprouts and herbs
  • Create amazing flavours and use them in jams, dips, soups and desserts!
  • Juicing lets you add a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to your diet
  • Fresh juice offers incredible health benefits
  • Higher juice yield - up to 30% more juice!
  • Juice lasts longer with enzyme integrity
  • Lower speeds means less heat is generated, preserving more nutrients and enzymes - up to 5 x more vitamins in every glass!
  • Reverse function
  • Easily cleaned; easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Dry waste output - 1L dry waste container
  • 1L juice container with Easy-Pour spout
  • Safety-lock system and anti-slip feet
  • Beautifully brushed 304 stainless steel design
  • Recipes included
  • Dimensions: 150 (W) x 240 (L) x 490 (H) mm
  • For domestic use only
  • 1 year warranty