How the Russell Hobbs airfryer changes your cooking game

The Festive Season. This year, we're committed to making life just that little bit easier, with our lineup of cooking appliances.

A Healthier Festive Season

Celebrating World Food Day Right

This month is the celebration of World Food Day, a time that fills us with happiness (and scrumptious meals)!

Cook it your way this World Food Day

Getting Into The Festive Spirit

It's that time of the year again, the season we come together, splurge on gifts, and − of course − indulge our taste buds. After all, what's the festive season without traditional, home-cooked meals, right?

Festive Feasting: The Ultimate Guide

A Steamy Solution For Your Cooking Woes

Food prep can be a time consuming and drudge heavy task, but it remains pretty much impossible to eat healthily if you don't cook daily.

Get Ready For A Steamy Summer

Make your favourite smoothies and healthy snacks with your new Russell Hobbs air-fryer and juicer

When it comes to the new year, everyone wants to be healthier or more active or in better shape.

Healthy eating for the New Year

Be prepared for the hotter months

The South African Summer months can be scorchers, but there's nothing quite as good as an ice-cold drink on a hot day to beat the heat − and the best way to get one in the comfort of your own home is with the help of an electric home ice crusher!

Keep your drinks cool all Summer with the ultimate Ice-crusher

Stay hydrated all summer long with Russell Hobbs water dispensers and mineral pots

We're finally heading into summer and, with that, the temperatures start to climb.

Keeping Cool This Summer

The trick to simple romantic dinners

In the spirit of the month of love, cozying up with an extra-special dinner at home is always guaranteed to be romantic.

Love to cook for your love?

Keep Cool With These Incredible Appliances

We're quickly rolling into the month of December, and judging by the way things are going, it's going to be a scorcher this Summer. Even though the hot weather is a joy and your tan has never looked better, it's necessary to keep yourself cool.

Tips To Cool Down This Summer

To many, coffee is essential.

The perfect way to start any day, or keep you going whilst you put in the hard yards, working from your home office.

Your Guide To A Great Cup Of Coffee At Home