A Healthier Festive Season

We’re heading into the craziest time of the year:

The Festive Season. This year, we’re committed to making life just that little bit easier, with our lineup of cooking appliances. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate wishlist-gift for that someone special, or are desperate for a simpler, healthier way to cook this year’s family meals, we have you covered! The most wanted appliance of the year? The airfryer, of course!

No skimping on taste

If you, like us, enjoy the indulgence of the holidays, we have very good news...

Our airfryers lock in all the good flavors, deliver on all that tasty crunch, without any of the nasty oils! That means you can indulge in all your favorite foods, and don’t have to worry about that infamous holiday body. Easy to clean and even simpler to use, this little appliance really is life-changing and becoming a fast favorite in kitchens around the country.

Easy does it

The airfryer wouldn’t be your new go-to gadget if it didn’t simplify your life. With so much going on, the last thing anyone wants to do is worry about creative, quick ways to prepare delicious meals. Luckily, our air fryers are designed to reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen. Less time in the kitchen? That means more time with your loved ones!

Aside from the obvious safety benefits involved with not cooking with a massive bowl of boiling hot oil, there is also much less clean up involved when air frying versus regular frying. As it is essentially completely contained, there won’t be any splatter or dumping of oil that you have to go through when deep-frying anything. This makes it so much more enticing to use and gives you more time doing the things you love, rather than cleaning the kitchen.

Your Russell Hobbs Airfryers allow you to experiment with countless recipes and styles of cooking. From small families to a large dinner party, there really are no limits when it comes to your airfrying journey! We love hearing about your exciting cooking adventures, so be sure to tag us in your latest creations! You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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