Keep your drinks cool all Summer with the ultimate Ice-crusher

Be prepared for the hotter months

The South African Summer months can be scorchers, but there’s nothing quite as good as an ice-cold drink on a hot day to beat the heat – and the best way to get one in the comfort of your own home is with the help of an electric home ice crusher! You will not go wrong with the Russell Hobbs 2-in-1 Ice Crusher and Frozen Drink Mixer. It’s the perfect bar accessory for making slushies, margaritas, daiquiris and more. Your guests will never sit with empty glasses with melting ice cubes again, and you’ll be their favourite host in no time!

The perfect drink to suit your preferences

Ice blocks made from ice trays and fridge ice makers are usually just one type, and that’s usually a rather large, chunky cube of some sort. While some people may prefer bigger cubes, they’re not for everyone. They put more fragile glasses at risk of chipping or breaking and they can be pretty cumbersome for anyone who likes chewing on their ice. Crushed ice is overall far more enjoyable, cooling drinks efficiently and conveniently whether you’re making individual drinks, whole jugs, cocktails or simply cooling down with some water. Whether you prefer your cocktails with a fine or coarse ice texture, the 2-in-1 ice crusher has you covered.

With two built-in grind settings, you can now choose whether you prefer fine or coarse ice when making your favourite cocktail to suit your unique preference. One of our favourite cocktail recipes for the summer is a Watermelon Mojito Slush.

Entertain with ease

Back in the day, the only option to enjoy crushed ice was to buy a manual ice crusher and get to work grinding the ice yourself. These machines required some elbow-grease, and the last thing most people would want is to work up a sweat every time they fancy a new drink – especially when it’s already hot out! With an electric ice crusher, all you have to do is simply choose the ice grind setting you’d like, load it up with ice cubes and get sipping on your drink! This makes preparing a wide range of drinks, from cocktails to cool-drinks, so much simpler, and makes entertaining an absolute breeze, without the additional effort of a manual machine! The 2-in-1 Ice Crusher and Frozen Drink Mixer also has the perfect stir mixer which is great for completely combining your delicious frozen drink ingredients. The double safety lock lid also ensures that there is no mess and that your little ones cannot get their fingers into your cocktails.

So, enjoy this festive season with a delicious treat and amazing kitchen appliances to help make your prep and cooking just that much easier.