Keeping Cool This Summer

Tips to staying hydrated during the warmer months

We’re finally heading into summer and, with that, the temperatures start to climb. Drinking enough water and keeping your hydration levels healthy is key to a happy, healthy mind and body. So, as you get ready for long, lazy days in the sun, keep these simple tips in mind and your water bottle close!

Make it a habit

Make drinking water a regular part of our daily routine. Keep a glass handy and make a point of refilling it as soon as it’s empty. Even better? Get yourself a water dispenser and have cool, refreshing water at your fingertips!

Our line up of Russell Hobbs water dispensers include a range of options, with some also giving you the versatility of hot water for that afternoon cup of tea. What more could you ask for?!

Keep your cool

There’s nothing more tempting on a hot summer’s day than a cool drink. Treat yourself to a glass of infused water, by adding some of your favorite fruit or herbs! Our favorites right now include strawberry and mint infused water, as well as the timeless cucumber and lemon combination.

The only thing missing? Ice. Our ice makers give you the convenience of perfectly sized ice cubes, without the hassle of refilling (and forgetting to refill) the ice trays!

Cut down on the waste

Many people don’t like drinking water because they don’t enjoy the taste of their tap water. We’re big fans of a mineral pot or water filters to get rid of any nasties floating around, and giving us the clearest, freshest water we can find.

Our portable mineral pot holds 25L of water and takes advantage of a three-stage filtration process to ensure you have the cleanest water - wherever you are. Remember to replace the filters on your water dispensers as per your product’s user manual, to ensure your device stays as effective as possible.

Staying cool and healthy doesn't have to be a chore! With our selection of water and ice appliances, you’re able to get all the tasty water and cool drinks your heart desires - without the fuss! Find your ideal solution online today.